I'm Cherie Rensing.  I'd like to thank you for stopping by to check out my art! 

My studio lives in Creston BC, in the heart of the Kootenays!  I'm often called the Irish Gypsy, because I'm regularly found at shows around BC and Alberta. 

Handmade Lampwork  glass beads and jewellery design has become a dominate passion for me and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my addiction!  

Making memorial beads holds a very special place in my heart.  Helping people deal with the grief of loss by making them a piece of art that is a representation of a continued celebration of their life and a tangible connection to their memory is something I'm very proud of.

'Jewellery with Intent' has rapidly evolved to become an important focus for my designs.  Being able to create beautiful wearable art that also has a deeper meaning is truly a very cool thing!  I believe that merging my philosophy of 'universal connections' and the 'power of positive thought' with my glass and jewellery design by incorporating carefully chosen gemstones to signify and symbolize the intent of the piece takes the art beyond 'just a pretty bauble' to a new level.  Impacting people and their lives with my art is a very special feeling I work hard to achieve by taking the time to understand what clients are looking for both in terms of design and what the piece symbolizes.  

My inventory of jewellery is ever changing, I try to keep a fairly current selection on my Facebook albums, feel free to contact me for information on ordering any of my work or discussing a custom design.

About me

My Story

In June, 2007 my husband and I were in a car accident.   Sadly, Ken was killed instantly and in the blink of an eye my life and the lives of my daughters was forever changed.    Ken was a driving force behind me starting Lampwork, so as I sat and stared at the box of his ash's I wondered if I could incorporate them into my glass beads and make something for my daughters and I.   After doing some research and getting some generous assistance from other Lampwork artist's, I started making some beads for my daughters, some close friends and myself.  

What I discovered was they helped me heal.  They gave me something beautiful that had a tangible part of him in it.  As I held it close to my heart, the glass heated to my body temperature and it felt incredibly comforting.    This was our family's experience and many of my clients have expressed a similar feeling.  And so... my memorial bead line was born.

I have no doubt he is very proud of the path this journey has taken me.  Like the Pheonix, out of something so tragic, I've made an important part of my business that helps people through this very difficult journey called grief.  

May you each find love and light and a little bit of peace each day...